DNV Capital and ZTE Group Jointly Establish the [Denuowei] Series of Funds

2023-11-28 15:21:16

In December 2021, DNV Capital, in collaboration with ZTE Weixiantong, officially established the [Denuowei] series of funds. These funds will primarily focus on investments in the healthcare and smart technology sectors, leveraging the combined strengths and resources of both parties to identify outstanding enterprises and support their flourishing development.

As of December 31, 2022, the Denuowei series of funds has completed investment layouts in a range of flagship projects, including China's leading innovative pharmaceutical company Xuanzhu Biopharm, oncolytic virus enterprise Binhui Biopharm, neuroregulation pioneer PINS Medical, and neurosurgery robotics company Sinovation.


Established in 1985, ZTE Weixiantong is a founding shareholder of ZTE's new company, the parent entity of ZTE Corporation. Led by Mr. Hou Weigui, the founder of ZTE Corporation, the shareholder team of ZTE Weixiantong stands at the forefront of China's technological innovation. Beyond the well-known field of communications, the strategic reach of the ZTE Group encompasses diverse areas, including energy, energy storage, new materials, quantum, aviation, artificial intelligence, real estate, and more. With the rapid growth of the biomedicine and healthcare industry, playing an indispensable role in elevating human health, the ZTE Group has strategically ventured into and expanded its footprint in this domain.


The Denuowei Fund, the inaugural healthcare industry fund jointly founded by the ZTE Group and DNV Capital, signifies ZTE's profound appreciation for DNV Capital's decade-long expertise in the biomedicine and healthcare sector, along with its remarkable track record. Both ZTE Group and DNV Capital have rich legacies in driving industrial development through innovation, and their shared vision involves using investments to foster medical progress and elevate the human quality of life. The creation of the Denuowei Fund marks the commencement of collaboration between DNV Capital and the ZTE Group. Moving forward, both entities will leverage this opportunity, drawing upon their respective industry strengths to identify and empower outstanding enterprises, ultimately benefiting humanity through strategic investments.


Guided by founder Mr. Lin Yunfeng, DNV Capital has gained industry-wide recognition for its remarkable investment performance and favorable reputation. In 2018, it was honored with the 36Kr award for being one of "China's Top 10 Most Promising Investment Institutions." In 2019, it achieved recognition in ChinaVenture's "Top 10 Best Exit Cases in the China Medical Health Service Industry." In 2021, DNV Capital, alongside Sequoia China, IDG Capital, and others, received the "Top 10 Investment Institutions of 2021" spirit award from DoNews. Mr. Lin Yunfeng was acknowledged as one of the "21 Most Visionary Investors of 2021" by Lie Yun. The company also earned the title of "Top 30 Growing Investment Institutions in China for 2023" from China Venture Capital Research Institute, among other prestigious accolades.


In the past few years, DNV Capital has achieved notable success, with several invested companies successfully conducting IPOs on A-shares, Hong Kong stocks, and U.S. stocks simultaneously. On September 24, 2021, after multiple rounds of investment, Broncus Medical (02216.HK) successfully debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On October 28, 2021, Sonendo (NYSE: SONX), a dental root canal treatment device company strategically invested in earlier, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On December 10, 2021, the rare disease drug development 'unicorn' Canbridge (01228.HK) made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On April 12, 2022, the innovative drug development firm Hinova Pharma (688302.SH) went public on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.


Since its establishment, DNV Capital has maintained a steadfast focus on investing in the healthcare and smart technology industries, unwaveringly adhering to the investment philosophy of 'Focus, Specialization, Diversity, and Internationalization.' The firm has played a leading role in the investment of numerous renowned projects both domestically and internationally, including but not limited to Venus Medtech (02500.HK), Vessix Hypertension Treatment, Mitralign Artificial Heart Valve, Human Extension Surgical Robot (TASE:HUMX), Sorrento (NASDAQ: SRNE), Geneseeq, Broncus Medical (02216.HK), Sonendo (NYSE: SONX), Canbridge (01228.HK), Hinova Pharma (688302.SH), Xuanzhu Biopharm, Binhui Biopharm, PINS Medical, Sinovation, and Surgerii Technology.


In the future, DNV Capital will remain true to its founding principles, recall its mission, concentrate on excellence, and steadfastly uphold a strategy rooted in internationalization, diversification, and professionalism. Collaborating with the ZTE Group, it will join forces to propel exceptional enterprises and outstanding teams towards success.