Sinovation has D+ round of financing, DNV Capital, as an existing shareholder, further increased its investment

2023-11-29 14:25:15

In June 2023, Sinovation (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinovation"), a leading domestic intelligent platform for neurosurgical diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical treatment, successfully secured over 100 million yuan in a D+ round of financing. Other contributors to this round include Xinda Kunpeng, Shuimu Investment, PEAKVEST, and Huiyu Private Equity Management. With this, Sinovation announced the completion of its latest funding round.

Following Sinovation' acquisition of Beijing Huake Hengsheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in 2022, the company's independently developed flagship product, the "Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT)," obtained regulatory approval for listing in April 2023. This system marks the world's first domestically developed magnetic resonance monitoring laser ablation treatment system for the brain and the only one approved for listing in China. Simultaneously, the company will expedite the expansion of this product to address other intracranial indications, benefiting a large number of domestic patients with epilepsy and intracranial tumors by providing them with a safe, precise, and minimally invasive treatment option through revolutionary innovative techniques.






In June 2023, the company achieved a milestone as the world's first 3D Structured Light Registration Neurosurgical Robotic System, independently developed and manufactured in-house, received FDA approval for market launch in the United States. This groundbreaking system, developed by a Chinese company and FDA-approved for neurosurgery, signifies international acknowledgment of China's neurosurgical robotic technology and application capabilities. 

This accomplishment has paved the way for Sinovation to gradually venture into global markets.

Sinovation consistently prioritizes innovation-driven development. Presently, four of its products have entered the National Medical Products Administration's special review channel for innovative medical devices, while seven products have secured registration certificates for National Class III medical devices. With over 90 authorized patents, the company holds a significant position in the field. Additionally, as a national high-tech enterprise, Sinovation has undertaken various provincial and ministerial-level research projects, including those within the "Thirteenth Five-Year" and "Fourteenth Five-Year" National Key R&D Programs. The company has earned prestigious titles such as being recognized as a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Specialized, Refined, Special, and New (SRSN) "Little Giant" and a National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise.



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DNV Capital unwaveringly adheres to the investment philosophy of "Focus, Specialization, Diversity, and Internationalization."The company has played a leading role in the investment of numerous renowned projects both domestically and internationally, including but not limited to Venus Medtech (02500.HK), Vessix Hypertension Treatment, Mitralign Artificial Heart Valve, Human Extension Surgical Robot (TASE:HUMX), Sorrento Biopharm (NASDAQSRNE), Broncus Medical (02216.HK), Sonendo (NYSE: SONX), Canbridge (01228.HK), Hinova Pharma (688302.SH), Geneseeq, Xuanzhu Biopharm, Binhui Biopharm, PINS Medical, Sinovation, and Surgerii Technology.

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