DNV Capital proudly received the "Top 30 Growing Investment Institutions in China for 2023" award.

2023-11-29 14:12:47

On September 26, 2023, the China Venture Capital Research Institute revealed the prestigious "2023 China Venture Capital Industry Annual List, Golden Investment Awards List, and Mid-Year List." DNV Capital proudly received the "Top 30 Growing Investment Institutions in China for 2023" award.


As the leading service platform in China's venture capital industry, the China Venture Capital Research Institute initiated the venture capital industry selection in 2005.  Over the past 18 years, this endeavor has earned robust support and acknowledgment from industry entities and investors due to its precise quantitative and objective data assessments. It has also garnered substantial attention and dissemination in the media. The selection outcomes directly mirror market recognition of the performance of investment institutions and investors, fostering the standardization and transparency of the venture capital industry. It serves as a guiding indicator and barometer for the sector.


About DNVC has invested in the project


About DNV Capital

DNV Capital unwaveringly adheres to the investment philosophy of "Focus, Specialization, Diversity, and Internationalization."The company has played a leading role in the investment of numerous renowned projects both domestically and internationally, including but not limited to Venus Medtech (02500.HK), Vessix Hypertension Treatment, Mitralign Artificial Heart Valve, Human Extension Surgical Robot (TASE:HUMX), Sorrento Biopharm (NASDAQSRNE), Broncus Medical (02216.HK), Sonendo (NYSE: SONX), Canbridge (01228.HK), Hinova Pharma (688302.SH), Geneseeq, Xuanzhu Biopharm, Binhui Biopharm, PINS Medical, Sinovation, and Surgerii Technology.

In its future development, DNV Capital will remain true to its founding principles, recall its mission, concentrate on excellence, and steadfastly uphold a strategy rooted in internationalization, diversification, and professionalism. Spanning major diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer, and diabetes, as well as innovative medical devices and biopharmaceuticals in ophthalmology and dentistry, DNV Capital continuously supports innovation and extends services into various fields, including life sciences, cellular gene therapy, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence. The aim is to provide ongoing support in diverse areas and assist high-quality enterprises and outstanding teams on their path to success.